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Megan is 3x as fast talking about why BNE is a benefits corporation. Her new office looks like it needs some work….

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BNE Publishing is named after my brother who took his own life at the age of 16. Brandon Nicholas Eza was an amazing person while he was alive, he challenged boundaries, broke barriers and was amazingly popular. He ran his own businesses, was a champion weightlifter and organized multiple community events. While he had many positive aspects to his life he also had problems with drug addiction, sexual promiscuity as well as social and domestic violence and abuse. He had been in and out of hospitals for addiction services and was constantly fighting with my mother and brother.

On July 3, 2005 Brandon took his own life and this inspired me to begin to create a company in his name.

As a tribute to Brandon’s life and all children who may have been over looked or underrepresented in the population, 50% of the company’s profit will go towards charitable giving in the form of: providing benefits to local community events, supporting homeless shelters, adding to student educational experiences, helping clinics, and supporting equal rights and benefits access for all groups and cultures, but focusing on the LGBT communities.

  • BNE is a green company: What does this mean?
  • Public Giving- We donate 50% of the profit we earn.
  • Local Support- We strive to use local vendors, artists and locations.
  • Responsibilities- Each year we work with our shareholders to apportion monies back into the company for expansion, development and R&D.
  • Green Initiatives- We work with the latest technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions and keep our own carbon footprint small.
  • Communities Events: At BNE a host of events are scheduled each year to involve the public and promote local artists at these events.

BNE Publishing IS:

  • All Forms of Art.
  • Mostly Reproductions with options to find new art and purchase popular art.
  • On Demand Art.
  • Produced and developed by our Artists.
  • Promoted through Iheartdiscoveries.com, our newsletter, other public venues and events like our Brick & Mortar store.

BNE Publishing Is NOT:

Your Local Bookstore or a Catalog Order Company

  • A Contest that publishes every contestant for other contestants to read!
  • A company that publishes previously published art, (save for small blogs or personal websites).
  • A promotional products company.
  • Solely a self-publishing venue for people who want to publish and sell their own art
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