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Megan Eza discusses why BNE Publishing has a staff meeting on Wednesday.

This is the BNE Publishing Company and we intend to discover, love, and foster art.

BNE Publishing IS:

  • All Forms of Art.
  • Mostly Reproductions with options to find new art and purchase popular art.
  • On Demand Art.
  • Produced and developed by our Artists.
  • Promoted through, our newsletter, other public venues and events like our Brick & Mortar store.

BNE is a green company: What does this mean?

  • Public Giving- We donate 50% of the profit we earn.
  • Local Support- We strive to use local vendors, artists and locations.
  • Responsibilities- Each year we work with our shareholders to apportion monies back into the company for expansion, development and R&D.
  • Green Initiatives- We work with the latest technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions and keep our own carbon footprint small.
  • Communities Events: At BNE a host of events are scheduled each year to involve the public and promote local artists at these events.

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Wednesday Meetings
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