What is IHeartDiscoveries?

IHeartDiscoveries is the online store and art submission portal for anyone who loves art and new discoveries.

  • We serve the public, the arts and the public good and that’s why we donate 50% of our profit to public good and charities each year.
  • IHeartDiscoveries publishes any art any of our artists produce in easily buy-able ship-able usable forms. Our Artists include anyone who has been published in our newsletter.
  • We also sell any rare, old, found or used art under the retail category on our shop. These items include rare and used books, neat items from antique or collector shops and occasionally mass produced items that are extremely artsy. We also sell artifacts or historic pieces.
  • IHeartDiscoveries is also in the business of buying art. Here’s how it works:
    1. Let us know you have art and want to sell it by making a video and submitting it to $Ads here or by clicking above.
    2. We will let you know if we are interested by responding through email.
    3. If we are interested post your art on Ebay and we will buy if we can get it at the price the company has budgeted for.
    4. Once we buy the art we will sell it on our site and through our other advertising venues. -If the item becomes popular, we may ask to produce reproductions or for more art from the same artist at the discretion of the staff of BNE Publisihing. We may also ask to feature the art in our newsletter and for that we would provide the artist the standard deal of $0.05 for each newsletter sold and then we would publish all art they wanted us to publish on IHeartDiscoveries at an agreed upon cost between the artist and BNE Publishing. You can find out more about how pricing is archived by reviewing our business plan on BNE Publising.com