Art Placement Advertising

This type of advertising allows advertisers and artists to connect and profit from each other through ad placement near art advertising.

Due to consumer demand we can only advertise products similar to the art being showcased, for instance:

A Painting of a can of soup (like The Norman Rockwell) could have coupons for soup next to it,

Or 50 Shades of Grey could have a deal for 5% off the grey bed a page after it is mentioned, but

We will not have anything that resembles Harry Potter drinking Coke-Cola, or Avenger pop-ups around a Sculpture of a Tree.

Essentially Art Placement Advertising is using Advertising to sell Art or Art to sell advertising by combining similar concepts into one presentation.

Since this advertising is highly selective in who can advertise with what piece of art, there are two ways to receive quotes for this advertising.

  1. Click here to go to BNE and fill out the request an advertising quote form.
    • From here we will find the art piece or pieces that are most suitable for the products being offered
    • and provide a selection of options based on expected CPM costs and total impressions expected from the ad.
  2. Click here to pair your product with a specific piece of art and receive our best quote and expected impressions this ad will receive.

The table below simplifies the explanation

Quote Type/year Advertiser Determined BNE Pub. Determined
CPM/Impression Based Total CPM and/or Impressions Pieces of Art
Art Based Pieces of Art Total CPM and/or Impressions
Artist Based Amount of dollars spent Total CPM and/or Impressions