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Mindy CFO of BNE Publishing discusses the types of art BNE accepts.


Each artist published by the BNE Publishing House must meet the following requirements to be published or publicized and/or advertised by the BNE Publishing House.

  • Contest Winner or Employee or Purchase a Compete Marketing Package.
  • Must be unique or previously unpublished (blogs and websites typically are ok) work.
  • All art is subject to review and acceptance by the Editor in Chief.
  • All contest winners must be reviewed by the CEO and/or the CFO.
  • All Complete Marketing Packages are subject to review and acceptance of the CEO and/or the CFO (more extensive descriptions on
  • Must be art in one of the following categories:

o Structural Art

o Painted Sketched Etched Art

o Fiction

o Poetry

o Musical Art

o Computer Art

o Performance Art

  • Each employee on salary (not including the CEO and CFO) will be the resident artist for each of the above categories; Once the employee is assigned and accepts a category, that will generally be the type of unique art they produce for publication at company events, the newsletter or for the once a year company art production.
  • One employee will be the Master Resident Artist and this artist will coordinate the yearly company production.
  • The Master Resident Artist will be voted in by a yearly vote from all the resident artists where the same person cannot hold a consecutive term and the Master Resident gets two votes and each other member gets one.
  • Each resident artist will have their new work publicized in the newsletter.
  • Self-Published material can be created by any customer and is not restricted except by copyright law.
  • No work will be published or promoted without the express agreement of the author or their agent.
  • An attempt will be made to not supply the public with harmful or dangerous pieces of information or products. That said first amendment rights will continuously be observed.
  • We will not publish anyone who has been convicted of plagiarism or copyright infringement or who is awaiting trial regarding a charge of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

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