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I am Megan Eza, a 32 year old ECSU Graduate whose favorite art form is poetry. I have had 46 different jobs and have never been fired. I have worked with business owners and executives in small industries like Doctors offices, General Contractors and small Restaurants and in large industries such as Colleges, Copiers (Xerox) and again in The Food Service Industry. I have also been a public school teacher, an activist for public interests and the environment and have even been a Talent Manager and Actress in a few performances. In all my work throughout the state of Connecticut I have met around 2 million people and have been to around 15% of the physical locations (Residential, Commercial and Industrial). I have also experienced great tragedies in my personal life, including the loss of my brother when he was 16 years old (I was 20), the loss of my mother, the loss of my surrogate father when I was 14, my parents divorced when I was 10. I had also lived on my own when I was 16 until the age of 19. Now I am married to my beautiful wife Melinda and we live in a large house on Main Street in Coventry Connecticut next to the Business we started together – BNE Publishing (so named for my brother Brandon Nicholas Eza). I have been able to get where I am today through hard work and perseverance, but mostly through kindness, both from those kind enough to help me along my path and through my own kindnesses to others. And I believe now more than ever that without kindness compassion and integrity businesses and important parts of society cannot flourish. Unfortunately, I have found that most businesses operate without compassion for either their employees or many times even their customers. In working directly with so many business owners I have seen nefarious practices used to gain a sale or an extra hour out of an employee far too often. I have seen employers ridicule people simply because of who they are and get away with it entirely despite the objections of the employees, the customers or even the government. I do not believe this is necessary and I know there is enough money, food and shelter to help every individual make a good life for themselves, but this has to happen with a business objective that does not rely solely on the bottom line. After seeing these injustices happen again and again I realized in 2007 that there is another way to get things done, that there is a way a business can grow and benefit its community at the same time without taking from it in some unsustainable form. I realized in 2007 that a company needed to be created that would recognize this at every level, essentially I wanted to create a company that was charitable, but not a charity. I presented my business plan at Eastern Connecticut State University and won public recognition and a prize for my efforts. With the wind at my back I went to speak with lawyers about incorporating this entity and found out that in fact what I had created was illegal in almost every state (Due to the Dodge v. Ford ruling). Despite this set back I continued to develop the company and business plan. I worked hard to find ways to make it work and then to my surprise in 2014 Connecticut passed a law that would make Benefit C-Corps legal for the first time ever. With this news my wife and I scouted tirelessly for the right location. We took pains to find investors and develop a product and a concept that would allow this business to exist with the limited capital we had access to, but at the same time we have consistently worked around the model of providing more good for more people rather than more money for investors. Now I am launching this project here on KickStarter with the hope that you too will want to contribute to something that will not only bring more art into your life, but also provide a benefit to local artists as well as activities beneficial to the public good; Starting in our own backyard, which just happens to be a historic school built in 1748 that George Washington once stopped by. Please help us make this campaign a success by contributing, so we can bring the most art to the most people while providing for the common needs of our artists, customers and employees and also our investors.

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