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The following information is intended for Investors. This is not a prospectus, but a brief followed by a link to the business plan. We will release a prospectus shortly once the Newsletter Prototype is fully completed and released.
Organization Corporate Structure:
The Publishing House will be operated by a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Financial Officer and a Board of Directors.
The Chief Executive Officer will be the party signing to incorporate the company until this person resigns at which time a new Officer must be appointed by the board. The board may vote to remove either the Chief Financial Officer or the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO must receive a 2/3 vote majority to be removed whereas the CFO can be removed with a majority vote (Refer to the company Bylaws for more specific procedural details). Investors can choose to either accept company stock or agree to a loan based repayment option, however those investors who do choose company stock will have a greater opportunity to benefit from corporate profits, create specific business initiatives and become involved at the ground floor with franchise institutions this company will create for other states and areas that have artists and want art.
The CFO will report to the Board of Directors and the CEO quarterly with expense and account reports.
The CEO will report to the Board of Directors monthly or bi-monthly, through broadcast or in person on marketing initiatives and current projections, goals and actual results.
The CEO will report to the Board of Directors and Share Holders bi-annually on company trends, goals, expectations and reports.
Any marketing or financial report created by a third party on the organization must be transmitted to the CEO, CFO and Board of Directors as soon as its existence is known by any of these parties; Internal reports must be submitted to all parties including shareholders at the bi-monthly reports.
The CFO and CEO will oversee a group of seven individuals that will work in one location. Each of the seven other employees will be given a standard hourly wage and an opportunity to earn additional commissions based on sales above projections. These employees will be considered immediate staff members.
The seven individuals will be: A Director of Marketing, an Event Coordinator, an Editor in Chief, a Graphic Artist, a Community Organizer, a Director of Retail and a Leisure Specialist.
Based on increased sales over projections these individuals will have the capacity to both earn additional income and higher additional employees on a commission only basis, until a new annual plan is adopted. Once a new annual plan is adopted if additional employees have proven to improve the overall growth of the company, these employees should be retained on a salary or hourly basis. Additionally, raises for all of the employees, not overseen by the Board of Directors, base pay must be given each year the company retains a profit at a rate of at least twice that of current inflation rates.
All of the employees will be eligible to be published by the company as well as those who win the contests or purchase the marketing packages.

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