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$Ads is the marketing and advertising department and brand of BNE Publishing.

  • $Ads is an ad buyer and re-seller and retailer.
  • We place advertising along side art that is similar to the advertising, so a painting of soup might be a good candidate for a soup coupon, but we won’t allow for any Harry Potter drinking Coke.
  • We offer a $4click advertising program, where advertisers can pay $1.00 (plus some small percentage based fees usually less than tax) and get a view or click from a paying $4$ Member. Also this member will get your $1.00 making your advertisement more powerful than ever before.
  • We offer ad placement options on our sites with varying rates.
  • Currently we are offering an ad placement on $Ads for a subscriber $4$ video. We offer this currently for $1,000 per month. The benefit of this is that we promote these videos outside of The BNE Network using normal marketing channels like Adwords, FB, Twitter, Youtube promotions and even YP advertising. This allows you to receive a discount on the overall views and hits generated to this address. The downside is that these consumers are not as targeted or as qualified members as our $4$ Members.
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IHeartDiscoveries is the online store and art submission portal for anyone who loves art and new discoveries.

  • We serve the public, the arts and the public good and that’s why we donate 50% of our profit to public good and charities each year.
  • IHeartDiscoveries publishes any art any of our artists produce in easily buy-able ship-able usable forms. Our Artists include anyone who has been published in our newsletter.
  • We also sell any rare, old, found or used art under the retail category on our shop. These items include rare and used books, neat items from antique or collector shops and occasionally mass produced items that are extremely artsy. We also sell artifacts or historic pieces.
  • IHeartDiscoveries is also in the business of buying art. Here’s how it works:
    1. Let us know you have art and want to sell it by making a video and submitting it to $Ads here or by clicking above.
    2. We will let you know if we are interested by responding through email.
    3. If we are interested post your art on Ebay and we will buy if we can get it at the price the company has budgeted for.
    4. Once we buy the art we will sell it on our site and through our other advertising venues. -If the item becomes popular, we may ask to produce reproductions or for more art from the same artist at the discretion of the staff of BNE Publisihing. We may also ask to feature the art in our newsletter and for that we would provide the artist the standard deal of $0.05 for each newsletter sold and then we would publish all art they wanted us to publish on IHeartDiscoveries at an agreed upon cost between the artist and BNE Publishing. You can find out more about how pricing is archived by reviewing our business plan on BNE



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BNE Publishing is a Share Holding C-Corp Benefits Company… What this means is:

  • We donate 50% of our profits to public good.
  • We operate ownership through stock options and there is currently a private Offering available before we begin to seek our IPO.
  • We are incorporated the same way Google, Apple or Ebay is except our CEO is more concerned with Public Good than share holder profits. While profits are a concern and we will distribute dividends when there is a profit, we will also donate to many special interest groups and charities as well as fund our own projects to help improve public good and benefit the arts.
  • We publish art and all forms of art and we do not have a list and our artists can be represented or not. We seek to publish only the highest quality art and choose to not limit the type of art we publish by category are marketing research. While some of the art we publish may not reflect the views of BNE Publishing if it is the highest quality art we have received we will publish it and promote the artist. This does not included depictions of hate or terrorism, we will not publish art which seeks to promote hatred or terrorism of any kind.
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BNE Publishing intends to donate to many Public Good and Artistic endeavors (including charities, non-profit and public interest groups) beginning as soon as we begin to develop a profit.

  • We work with local vendors in Hartford and Tolland Counties of Connecticut whenever possible.
  • We intend to Contribute to interest groups such as HRC, USPirgs, EnvironmentCT, American Red Cross, The Y and Project Specific United Way Actions.
  • We intend to offer artists opportunities to create and showcase their art and whenever possible,  to earn income from their art.
  • We would be happy to consider adding to this list of charities and on a regular basis.
  • Any groups that would like us to add them to a group of lists we donate to or intend to donate to, please contact Megan Eza the Chief Executive Officer or Melinda Testori the Chief Financial Officer.
  • By email (, or by phone at (860) 498-0032.  We will get back to you as soon as possible. It is best to contact us during February as our Fiscal Year Begins and ends in January.
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Our base of operations is located in/at/on:

  • A School House built in 1748. George Washington had breakfast about half a mile away from here.
  • 3050 Main Street, Coventry CT 06238
  • Find us online at,, or click the links above to visit our social media sites.
  • Email us at or call us today at (860) 498-0032.
  • We are in Connecticut, which is right next to NYC and a major part of New England.

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Dollar For Dollar Membership

3 Easy steps to get $1.00 for each $4$ video you watch:

  1. Buy a membership $4$ Membership.
  2. Watch any dollar for dollar video like this one (click here to watch your 1st $4$ video).
  3. When you see the coupon code appear in the top right click on it and use it to purchase the view. – Now you get $1.00 🙂
  • Once the view is purchased (for $0.00) your account will gain 1 point.
  • Points are currently worth $1.00 and can be used to purchase most items on the site.
  • Currently points do not expire, but this will change as we gain more members and advertisers.
  • Reward items include: Gift Cards (in $5.00-$25.00 increments), Cool products (valued between $1.00-$100.00) and art.
  • Rewards are shipped withing 3-5 business days and points must be used to cover shipping costs unless the item offers free shipping.
  • Some rewards require processing fees and these fees can be paid for using points.
  • If you do not have enough points for a reward item, you may use your points to cover part of the cost and pay for the remainder the same way you purchased your membership.
  • Currently points are non-transferable, however you can purchase a gift certificate to for yourself or another person (make sure to put this persons email address in the specified field, any person using our $4$ membership or IHeartDiscoveries shop must have an account to redeem credits, points or gift cards).
  • Reward items on $Ads may be more or less than items for purchase on IHeartDiscoveries, but typically more.
  • Any person who is found to have fraudulently received any points, credits or gift cards will have their points reset and their account put into review status until a clarification email is sent, BNE Publishing reserves the right to cancel any account for any reason, however we will make every effort to maintain that accounts remain open so long as the account user desires.


Points are given to any member who watches a $4$ video.

  • $4$ Members can redeem points for rewards available on the $Ads site.
  • Points convert at 1 point equals 1 dollar for $4$ Members (members who have joined $4$ by paying $1.00).
  • Anyone can subscribe to $Ads for free and earn points, however points for subscribers convert at 100 points equals 1 dollar.
  • Reward include gift cards, retail products, art products and soon actual payouts through a mailed check or electronic deposit (this feature is currently not available).
  • We have the ability to reward users for watching ads because every ad we show was paid for by a company that feels the user who watched the ad is more important than the advertiser putting it up. The current cost per click is almost always at least $1.00 per click and most of these clicks come from users who will not make an immediate purchase because they have never done so before. Our members have.
  • Beyond giving the advertising money back to our members, we also do this for our subscribers, but at a much lower rate because these user may not be able to purchase something online, nonetheless these people are an important part of the marketing food chain and should also be included, which is why we also offer subscribers rewards at a lower rate of rewards however.
  • Currently we only offer 2 videos per subscriber per month.
  • $4$ Members gain access to additional rewards and videos that non-paying subscribers do not have access to.


Gift Cards, Retail Products, Art Products and many other items are offered. Head to our Reward Shop to see what’s available.

  • Some items offered to our $4$ members and subscribers are not available to our general users.

We pay people to watch our ads because we know this process will:

  • Raise consumer to customer conversions.
  • Reduce cost per click marketing prices.
  • Improve the ad viewing experience for consumers.
  • Create more informed consumers who want to take part in learning about new services, ideas and products that can help improve their lives and the people that surround them.

Companies have been paying advertisers to market videos and other ads to individual consumers for years. Most of the time the cost for this service is based on impressions not clicks or views. This cost almost always is for more than $1.00 per view or click. Beyond this, these consumers are rarely qualified and often clicks can be wasted on non-buying users who lower web conversion rates and who needlessly slow the overall load times of the pages for genuine users. While there are ways to target market segments, the target market is almost never narrowed to only people who have bought something online, which is where most companies are spending a majority of there advertising dollars these days. With $4$ Advertising Consumers can now directly benefit from every ad they watch and companies can market to consumers at a lower cost with a higher conversion rate. This translates to higher company profits which in turn translates to lower prices for consumers and often improved products.


Questions are answered and posted typically in 24 hours, if you would like an emailed response please include your email below.:

What question is being answered?

Email Address:

What name should be displayed with your review?

Advertising Options

Pricing options start at $1.00 per click plus any applicable tax, processing fees and our profit margin (always less than tax).

Clients can purchase as little as $1.00 so long as they join as a member for $20.00.

Our profit margin fee starts at 6% of the total sale price and drops based on purchases refer to the schedule below.


$20.00 Member/year 6% Fee per transaction
$1,000 spent on ads in 1 month 5% Fee per transaction
$10,000 spent on ads in 1 month 4% Fee per transaction
$100,000 spent on ads in 1 month 3% Fee per transaction
$200,000 spent on ads in 1 month 2% Fee per transaction
$300,000 spent on ads in 1 month 1% Fee per transaction
$400,000 spent on ads in 1 month 0% Fee per transaction

Clients can purchase ads on or here on

For purchases greater than $2,000 at a time please call us at (860) 498-0032 for service or email

We limit the dollar amount of purchases online in order to prevent fraud. This protects us as well as yourselves from identity theft and other forms of cyber crime.


We also have an advertising program with

FAQ Subject: Advertising Options

This type of advertising allows advertisers and artists to connect and profit from each other through ad placement near art advertising.

Due to consumer demand we can only advertise products similar to the art being showcased, for instance:

A Painting of a can of soup (like The Norman Rockwell) could have coupons for soup next to it,

Or 50 Shades of Grey could have a deal for 5% off the grey bed a page after it is mentioned, but

We will not have anything that resembles Harry Potter drinking Coke-Cola, or Avenger pop-ups around a Sculpture of a Tree.

Essentially Art Placement Advertising is using Advertising to sell Art or Art to sell advertising by combining similar concepts into one presentation.

Since this advertising is highly selective in who can advertise with what piece of art, there are two ways to receive quotes for this advertising.

  1. Click here to go to BNE and fill out the request an advertising quote form.
    • From here we will find the art piece or pieces that are most suitable for the products being offered
    • and provide a selection of options based on expected CPM costs and total impressions expected from the ad.
  2. Click here to pair your product with a specific piece of art and receive our best quote and expected impressions this ad will receive.

The table below simplifies the explanation

Quote Type/year Advertiser Determined BNE Pub. Determined
CPM/Impression Based Total CPM and/or Impressions Pieces of Art
Art Based Pieces of Art Total CPM and/or Impressions
Artist Based Amount of dollars spent Total CPM and/or Impressions
FAQ Subject: Advertising Options

Typically we would suggest Co-Op advertising for any company looking to grow.

This form of advertising allows your product(s) and/or service(s) to be advertised along side of other companies product(s) and/or service(s).

We have many traditional forms of advertising at competitive rates. This is because we do a fair amount of advertising and ad buying.

We make every effort to place companies that have complimentary products or services next to each other.

This has proven to improve click and conversion rates thereby lowering overall CPM (cost per thousand).

We offer many forms of Co-Op advertising.

From Banner Ads to Billboard Ads to radio spots and even PR work. Click, Call, Email or drop by to request a quote today.

FAQ Subject: Advertising Options

With our Re-Seller Advertising we offer all the normal advertising options as any other advertising company.

In fact, you can get pretty much the same deal from our vendors, the difference is in our customer service, oh and the fact that we donate half our profit to The Arts and Public Good.

We format your artwork, or make it for you… We do the calling and the checking and the edits before the deadline is due…

We provide all the options such as putting it on the web,  TV, radio, buses, billboards, mail boxes, or even user specific apps and services.

Meanwhile you get great service a great advertisement and no hassle. Sound simple, well it is, that’s why we offer it.

FAQ Subject: Advertising Options

We also have seven in-house departments that allow us to make any piece of art we are working on popular through our Self-Publishing Option.

If you are an artist simply trying to make it, but don’t want to work for us or haven’t won the Discoveries Ink contest this is how to buy it.

Yes that’s right we do offer a spot in each newsletter for one piece of Art that is featured by BNE Publishing.

What this means is if you pay for the time, materials and services BNE typically spends to promote a single piece plus 6% we will make you Art the feature and allow you all the benefits of a contest winner.

The reason BNE offers this is that while we would like to believe our judgement of quality is full and final, but sometimes the public disagrees..

Through Self-Publishing any artist who is anyone can become published and popular if the put up the money to do so.

Different types of Art has different costs; to secure an Self-Publishing contract please request a quote from BNE by clicking here and after final approval of the quote and contract, submit half the costs required for the contract and BNE Publishing will secure your spot on a first come first serve basis. Currently there is only one BNE location, but as we expend we will offer additional Self-Publishing spots.

Self-Publishing contracts are very similar to contest winner contracts. While initial costs for self publishing may be significant, it should be known this is typically very close to what BNE spends on a particular piece of art. Further all Self-Published contracts are expected to make a profit, however like stocks the cost/benefit balance may not be achieved for some time so BNE would typically encourage any Artist to wait and see before making and sudden changes to the initial marketing plan. At BNE’s discretion we may request that an Artist submit a new or different piece to promote due to our customers preferences.

All published artists are expected, but not required to submit representations (photos, videos and reproductions) of their portfolio upon promotion of one of their pieces of artwork through our Newsletter, Discoveries Ink. We ask this of artists because having many pieces of art allows for a much longer and engaged experience from our users creating improved goal conversion rates and thereby maximizing possible profits. Artists with more and varied art to promote should expect higher profit returns and a larger audience, meanwhile artists who choose not to participate in this aspect of the program may experience short lived success or very little to no success at all (beyond the $0.05 per newsletter sold of course). It is absolutely the Artists discretion as to how much they participate, but in all actuality if you want to do art for a living either quite your day job and come work with us, or submit all the art you have created after being published in the newsletter and we will do our best to see to it that you won’t need a day job any longer (and then come work with us because art is fun:).

FAQ Subject: Advertising Options

We hear you.. please click here for a quote on any type of advertising we offer!

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