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Waker Mascot of BNE Publishing gives an Advertisers’ message for $Ads.

Dollar Sign Ads:

Department Overview, Membership, Ad Buying, Ad Selling, Ad Placement, Relationship Between $Ads and BNE


Dollar Sign Ads is the Marketing Department of BNE Publishing, but it will also be the brokerage firm for artists who want to promote themselves as well as other advertising agencies and/or advertisements purchaser and sellers.

$Ads will promote those it represents and itself through all of the normal advertising venues such as, purchasing; search words, billboards, bus signs, print and digital media ads, outdoor and indoor advertisements, advertising event space (fairs, trade shows) , websites, blimps, airplane flier ads as well as any other feasible form of marketing for the task at hand.

Where $Ads will differ from other ad agencies or brokerage firms is what will give the company a strategic advantage against its competitors and for those it represents.

Ø $Ads will offer a paid membership program to its users and the general public .

Ø $Ads will have a specific relationship with BNE Publishing and will be the exclusive Brand representing this company in all of its advertising needs.

Ø $Ads will have additional ad placement opportunities with BNE such as advertising on packaging materials, in the BNE Store front locations, and at the artists request on or near specific pieces of artwork.

Ø $Ads will be able to purchase ad space at lower pricing by using the combined purchasing power of current and future advertisers to secure the use of a larger ad purchase or contract for lower overall pricing per ad venue purchase.

Ø $Ads will also brokerage the creation and sale of any promotional or artistic physical forms that are not made in house (such as imprinted items, 3-dimensional print orders, large poster orders etc.).

Ø $Ads will schedule and host publicity events at the premise of BNE’s brick and mortar location.

Ø $Ads will have a team speaking with people in public, at their homes and at public locations such as business park type areas and other places in order to help facilitate the promotion of those $Ads represents.

Ø $Ads will also apply for grants on behalf of BNE to help promote artists and help reduce the overall costs of advertising purchases for $Ads. This would benefit BNE and the grant distributors as it would allow for the monies used to provide the most possible for and given marketing.

Ø $Ads will participate in local business events and networking meetings.

Ø $Ads will develop a mobile app once BNE is funded.

$Ads’ front door will be its website and its office location at the Brick and Mortar location of BNE. $Ads will offer membership to its website for both the general public and advertisers.

The General Public Membership or $4$ (dollar for dollar) Advertising:

This membership can be purchased from $Ads’ website or through its mobile app, it will also be offered at a discount as a bonus gift for any purchase made through BNE. The user would still have to select they want it at the time of checkout.

The membership will cost $1.00 (plus applicable taxes) and the member will have opportunities to earn $1.00 for ads watched on the $Ads website or App. Of course specific rules will apply to these transactions, for instance the user will need to have access to the specific type of banking software $Ads partners with such as Paypal, or choose to receive a paper check, but pay a fee to do so and the user will have to verify their account through the proven acceptance of a postal letter if they exceed a certain amount of dollars earned per month. Advertisers will also have the opportunity to limit or expand the amount of members they choose to provide a dollar for watching the ad to using demographics and they may limit the time or amount of funding towards a specific advertisement.  Even while only members will receive a credit for watching any specific ad targeted to them, the general public will have access to the ads through the website and app for free.

A $1.00 membership will entitle the first 10,000 members to a lifetime subscription, the next 90,000 will receive a 5 year membership, the next 400,000 will receive a 1 year membership and once $Ads has 500,000 members, members will receive a 3 month membership. If $Ads reaches 1,000,000 members in less than a year membership will then last for 1 month at a time. Members will have no limit on to how much they can receive from watching ads.

Advertisers will be able to advertise to our members through $4$ at a cost of $1.00*6%+ any applicable taxes or brokerage fees. They must be a member to advertise and this costs $20.00 plus applicable taxes per year. However, if an advertiser invests $1,000.00 in membership they will receive a discount of 1 point off the % charge per ad, $10,000 would remove 2 points, $100,000 3 points, $200,000 4 points, $300,000 5 points and $400,000 for a 6 point reduction where the only cost to using the service would be any applicable brokerage fees or local taxes, plus the cost of $1.00 per user advertised to. Any member who purchases advertising from BNE products would also be eligible for a 1-3 month discount of 1-6 points depending on the amount of advertising purchased. Advertisers will not need to verify that they are specifically an ad agency to receive an advertising membership. Anyone can be an advertiser on $Ads and purchase as few as 1 view at a time with an account funded with at least $1.00 of course funding processing fees maybe higher for smaller purchases due to local taxes and banking merchant fees and purchasing a smaller amount of purchased views may limit the overall impressions the ad receives in order to prevent multiple payouts in the case of multiple views at once.  Any advertisement placed through $ads must be coupled with a coupon, discount or limited time special or event of some kind.

$Ads will purchase ad space on locations that are deemed to fit in with specific products or ad campaigns. $Ads will also purchase any advertising space needed to support or advertise BNE and any related BNE events, artists or activities. This department will make an attempt to mitigate costs by reducing the overall amount of each advertisement through purchasing large lots of advertising space at one time. $Ads will also need to purchase ad space from BNE to advertise in locations where that is permitted. $Ads will receive ad space at the listed quantities BNE provides for it and will receive it at a discount for additional space purchased. BNE will publish this pricing and $Ads must sell it to the consumer at these published prices, however $Ads my but 10 lots of ad space at the published discounted rate and sell it back to the general public at the listed rate or provide a discount to as much as was paid for the individual lot using the larger lot purchase. $Ads may also purchase promotional materials such as packaging to be used in advertisements and any useful items purchased by $Ads will be stored on location or at a nearby storage facility.

$Ads sells advertising space and opportunities to BNE publishing, artists, the general public and of course major advertisers ad agencies or industries and commercial enterprises that require advertising space. All of the advertising that is currently owned by $Ads is listed online at the prices it is currently available. $Ads may price advertising space as it sees fit, however $Ads may not sell BNE advertisements for a price higher than what is listed on the BNE website. This structure allows $Ads to sell advertising in varying amounts to anyone who may require it on a point and click transaction while allowing for more in depth brokerage to occur depending on the type of advertising needed and often times, but not always the amount. $Ads will also list advertisements that allow for a quoting of those advertisements. $Ads will also sell and brokerage the sale of items and promotional products needed for advertising. Some of these same items may be offered in smaller quantities on the iheartdiscoveries.com website, but those items that $Ads will sell are generally for advertising and may be offered at the same or lower or higher rates than what is offered on the iheartdiscoveries.com website. This is because the advertising contracts artists agree to will differ for those publishing their work on iheartdiscoveries.com and $Ads and artists are not required to opt into both and may at times choose to offer their work as products $Ads can use and in this way allow a few advertising items or placements to be made without committing to a separate and additional contract.  $Ads will not be responsible for selling art, that is exclusively the business of iheartdiscoveries.com, however $Ads may sell advertisements to promote the sale of art BNE is promoting or iheartdiscoveries.com is listing.

$Ads places advertisements in ways so that each advertisement placed is in some way pulling on the last and contributing to the next. As an example, BNE will monthly at a minimum be holding an in house event that $Ads will need to advertise for. This would include taking out ads around the event location as well as with keywords related to the event and alerting our member and user base through the normal channels (facebook, radio commercial, twitter) of the event. While this is going on or planned to go on $Ads would over buy space for the event and offer to sell it to advertising members at the discounted rate or slightly higher, so long as the logo(s) representing the event, brands or company the advertising is for can be visibly displayed on the advertisements. Beyond this $Ads will use strategic advertising locations and the ads placed by $Ads will tell each consumer a kind of story based on the location they travel with the ads they see. This of course will not always workout perfectly, but to provide an incentive to the advertisers to choose the spaces needed to in order to create the plot lines, $Ads will provide discounts for certain ad space to certain industries that match the criteria needed to create an advertising experience for the consumer. Even if this is not possible certain keywords and catch phrases, and or visual themes will be used in most advertisement in locally purchased ad areas to create an added environment of advertisements that coherently connect on some level. This connectivity can cause the echo effect to become active by repeating the same theme or concept while using different products or services, allowing the consumer to become aware of more purchase options with less advertisements. Advertising space will also be offered at partner company rates so several companies can advertise in the same spot to reduce costs. Beyond this $Ads will use any owned advertising space at will and sell it on demand as seen fit by $Ads.

$Ads is a Brand and Department of BNE Publishing and therefore while in many ways $Ads will operate independently of BNE it is reliant upon BNE for all expenses and provides all funding and profits to BNE. Additionally the employees operating under $Ads are employees of BNE and are subject to any Human Resource action BNE sees fit as well as any action perceived required by $Ads. $Ads must account for any transaction with BNE as an expense or profit even though they are parts of the same company. BNE may reassign any tasks or responsibilities controlled by $Ads as is seen fit by the CEO, CFO, and/or the Board of Directors.


Dollar Sign Ads Website and App:

$Ads is located at dollarsignads.com it will also have links to it on bnepublishing.com and iheartdiscoveries.com as well as other locator and directory web services on line.

The website will have a membership login/join option and a list of advertisements (videos) any web user can click to play and view. Some of these ads will offer members the opportunity to earn $1.00 for watching the ad. If the member logs in they will be able to watch the ad and receive the equivalent of $1.00 into their account if the ad they watch is offering the dollar to this users particular demographic and at the time the dollar is being offered if there is a time limit on the offer. Ideally the videos will be hosted under the advertisers account and $Ads would repost an embed on the dollarsignads.com website, this way the views on the hosted account will go up as well and possibly gain more publicity by beginning to trend.  The ads embedded on dollarsignads.com will allow for rating exclusive to the dollarsignads.com website and commenting, however the advertiser will be able to choose who can see this content. Making a rating or comment cannot be blocked and the staff of $Ads will be able to review these. If a user makes a rating or comment and the advertiser is not allowing these to be seen the user will be told Thank You, and returned to the page they last were with the ability to perform the action to rate no longer available.

The general member account section of the website will allow for a user to view the basic statics of ads watched, paid for and upcoming dues if any. The member will be allowed to cash out their account through the use of an online banking service, an in store cash transfer, for a fee, and if an appointment if made and required identification documentation is provided, or a mailed check for a processing fee.  Members may also be offered specific offers and deals to use their funds for, funds cannot be used to purchase $4$ advertising on dollarsignsads.com but funds may be used to purchase other types of ad space or $Ads products offered. Any transfer will occur through a checkout window and a final agreement sign off and completion window with a transaction receipt emailed or mailed for a processing fee.

$Ads also offers various products on its products pages, and various advertisements on its advertising space page. Any user even non-paying members can use either page to make a purchase, but $4$ advertising is only offered to Advertising Members and must be paid for separately. Additionally, funds from a General Members account cannot be transferred into an Advertisers account or vise-versa.

The product offerings of the site will have a list and grid view and look similar to ebay or amazon. They will not be art specifically, but rather advertising products or products sold to $Ads by artists of BNE for the purpose of using to advertise. This is also why many of the products on $Ads are sold in large quantities only.

Ad space will display just like product offerings with sitemaps associating each venue on each offering. These offerings also display basic statistics such as CPM rates, expected impressions over x amount of time and other ad industries in nearby ad spaces if applicable.

The final part of $Ads site is the Advertisers Member account panel. Here an advertiser will be able to load funds into their account, upload advertising and request hosting (at a fee) or provide an embed link to the selected advertisement, and write out the discount offer or deal in a separate panel.

Once an ad is loaded into the site, the ad member could then choose who to advertise the video to using a demographic selector including, gender, age, location, amount earned through site and estimated annual income. As well as the overall scope of the ad 1 view maybe equals 1-20 miles where 10,000 would allow for a scope of 1-300 miles. Then the member will have to choose how long to run the ad and how much to fund it for. The site will then estimate the amount needed and display that in a checkout window. The user will then proceed to a confirmation window asking for an agreement to terms. If the ad is seen by more members than the user requested the user will be billed that amount and asked to deduct this charge from their funds before the next $4$ purchase is made. Ad members can also see statistics on current and past campaigns.

$Ads will also have links to its affiliate websites on dollarsignads.com in various locations.

The dollar sign ads app will only have an ability to join the $4$ membership program, the ads for $4$ and a basic overview of $4$ members accounts and ability for these members to transfer funds or make certain purchases, it will provide alerts when new available ads are allowed to be viewed for a dollar. This app will be developed when BNE is fully funded, parts of the website will be live at the time the crowdsourcing funding campaign has begun.


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Created By: Megan Eza and Waker – Mindy’s Cat
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