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The I Heart Discoveries Monthly Newsletter Contest

The Contest is the key source of artistic talent for BNE as well as an important revenue stream. This contest will be overseen by the Literary Department. The contest rules, information and entry requirements are posted on the website. This contest is a main source of an average of more than 50% of the content for the I Heart Discoveries Newsletter. The Contest is advertised to and accepts artists from all over the world; however, the primary target audience for contestants will be areas located near to the brick and mortar location of I Heart Discoveries. At such a time as BNE has grown to allowing additional brands and franchises, separate contests will need to be held in each of these locations as well.

Contest Pricing will be determined on a per contest basis, but this is only to restrict the applicant pool from growing too large. As the company grows additional contests in varying categories may be created to help encourage a diversity of art types and themes in the newsletter and on the I Heart Discoveries website. Initially the contest pricing will be set at $10.00 plus applicable taxes or payment transfer fees. If the contestant pool reaches greater than a certain amount such as 10,000 people then the entry fee should be increased to limit the applicant pool accordingly while maintaining the current profit margin.

The contests will be simple to understand and enter and they will make an attempt not to limit the types of entries accepted, with this caveat, I Heart Discoveries will make an attempt to diversify the art used in the creation of the newsletter it produces; therefore there will be a higher chance of getting the art form accepted if there are less submissions of that type of art form overall.  The online submission panel or site page will let the contestant know approximately how many submission of a specific type of art have been submitted using a percentage chart.

Generally, contestants will be asked to submit their art in a form that can be represented or recreated using a digital newsletter, this includes sending images, videos, audio files, computer programs (please no artistic viri or malware), documents or presentations, these can also sometimes be directions to an event or location. If the contestant is unsure how to represent the specific art they may choose to mail it to I Heart Discoveries, if it is a type of art that can be mailed. If it is some art that cannot be represented through the above criteria, then I Heart Discoveries should be emailed and the staff members will do their best to find a way to allow the contestant to submit the art.

The Contest will be created, posted and reviewed by the I Heart Discoveries department of BNE Publishing, however all staff members are allowed and encouraged to help out and/or promote specific or individual art that is not their own such as a Newsletter Contestant’s. I Heart Discoveries, where the contest is hosted, will have a payment portal for submissions and allow contestants to upload the selected art for review. If the contestant is choosing to mail the artwork, they would be asked to purchase a contest submission ticket, then print and mail this ticket with the art submission. Email inquiries may or may not be subject to the purchase of a contest ticket for a response depending on the number of entries currently pending review.

The Contest staff will make every effort to review artwork submitted to it, but cannot guarantee all entries will be reviewed in time for the upcoming newsletter. Because of this contestants art will be allowed to remain as a contestant for the newsletter until it is reviewed or rejected. A contestants’ artwork that has been reviewed, but not rejected may also still be eligible for the upcoming contest if the rules posted on the I Heart Discoveries website are allowing previously reviewed artworks to participate in the contest. For an artist to allow their work to be selected for future contests the contestant must select that they will allow the artwork to be published any future newsletter produced by I Heart Discoveries, until such a time as the artist rescinds this authorization by alerting I Heart Discoveries through an accepted form of communication, such as email or mail. I Heart Discoveries may also review and reject any artwork submitted to the newsletter contest. A rejected piece of art is not eligible to be published in future contests and will be subject to further review if they are currently being published on any of the BNE Publishing and affiliate websites.

Certain artwork that is reviewed may be rejected by I Heart Discoveries due to a conflict in interests, the nature of the artwork, the materials used in the artwork, certain affiliations connected to the art or the artist or if in anyway the art promotes hate, violence or discrimination against any culture, race, group, gender, individual, or belief. This does not include depictions of violence of hate or artwork that speaks out against hate, violence and discrimination so long as the artwork does not specifically single out and offend. To a degree the above statements will be used to mitigate to maintain that freedom of speech is upheld, but I Heart Discoveries is about art and while art can be many things, it can sometimes be violent, ugly or offensive to many varying cultures and groups. I Heart Discoveries will not seek to prevent offending specific groupings of people by censorship, however there are times when a piece of art may not be possible to offer on to I Heart Discoveries due to the audiences we are catering to. If at any time I Heart Discoveries will offer an explanation of the rejection and allow the artist a period of time to correct and resubmit the art to meet the required guidelines of accepted and/or reviewed art. If an artist does resubmit the art then there will be no additional cost (save for shipping if the item was mailed).

While I Heart Discoveries will accept mailed artwork, we will only return artwork with a SASE or box depending on the size and weight of the item. If an artwork is sent without this it, the piece itself will be considered the property of BNE Publishing, until such a time that the artist returns to claim it. Any pieces of artwork in the possession of BNE Publishing may be sold, traded, eliminated, reproduced or used for any purpose BNE Publishing requires so long as the use is lawful.

Reviewed art may be published in the Newsletter at some point, while accepted artists are contestant winners whose entries will be published in the Newsletter. Any contest winner or employee of BNE Publishing may also be called on to submit a piece or additional piece of artwork to the contest. Any artwork that is submitted to I Heart Discoveries and is published is subject to reproduction and accessorizing the art with products that have representations of the art or symbols within it on these products. I Heart Discoveries will provide royalties from the net profit of any reproduction or representation that is created using the art.

If at some point an accepted artist no longer wants I Heart Discoveries to use the accepted artwork to be sold in any form or any specific form the artist must alert I Heart Discoveries of this through mail or email. If an artist does stop I Heart Discoveries from selling reproductions or representations of the art, I Heart Discovery would still retain rights to the original newsletter article and maintain the right to reproduce this article in its entirety in any way I Heart Discoveries sees fit.

Any accepted artist, once accepted will also be able to publish and showcase their artwork using the main marketing channels and store fronts of the BNE Publishing Company. An accepted artist will be able to produce and publish any type of art they choose on the websites and app, but I Heart Discoveries will select specific art pieces to promote and based on the need of the website certain art pieces presented by artists may require more funding from the producing artist for it to be feasible for BNE to promote the art at all.

Almost all new art pieces posted on the I Heart Discoveries website will require a certain amount of funding to go live. This funding will be representative of a percentage of the total marketing costs required and these marketing cost will be developed based on the amount needed to create a considerable period of profitable sales of the artwork, due to this it would be recommended artists set high prices on unique and one of a kind pieces and lower prices on art that can be easily reproduced. As an example an artist may want to sell a manuscript for $10,000, but their books for $10.00 a copy. The books would need a much smaller amount of marketing cost because there are less people who would buy an item for $10,000. And if the artist sells 1,000 books then it will have made the same gross profit as the manuscript. Meanwhile the manuscript may cost $1,000 to market and weeks to sell because the people that would respond to this marketing cost at least $1 per person to get to and those people are less likely to buy things then the general public. Whereas, the books could be marketed to people at $1 per 1000 people using internal advertising streams which would net the sales quickly maybe after 100,000 people or $100.

The Contest Details, Requirements for Entry and Rules for Selection of Winners

The contest is called the Create Discoveries Challenge and will stop accepting entries for the upcoming newsletter fifteen days before the publication of the upcoming newsletter and will begin accepting new entries for the newsletter approximately forty-five days out from the next newsletter. This will allow time for all applicant entries to be reviewed and responded to before the next contest, if the contest entries remain below `10,000 entries. At 10,000 entries the contest staff would need to review about 30-40 emails a day. Realistically contest entries should all be reviewed if there are only 1,000 entries a month.

All contest entries can be simplified into concise descriptions using the contestants form submission returns and a brief snapshot, or the entire work included in the email. Additionally, contest entries are emailed to various departments who are generally responsible for reviewing the type of art submitted. This way all of the art can be reviewed, by scanning through a list of the submitted art and choosing the art that best fits the current company need, most often this would be the development of the newsletter.

Once a winning contestant is chosen they must agree to a term contract for the publication usage, rights and or licensing of the art. While the artist will always retain the rights to their individual art unless they choose to pass these rights on to another by their own choosing, The Newsletter in itself is a piece of art and therefore BNE Publishing would retain rights to the published newsletter article containing the art and would be able to reproduce this article for the purpose of generating profit or revenue if the artist chooses not to have their work represented in other forms through BNE Publishing.

Each contest winner will receive the equivalent of $0.05 for each newsletter sold through our website or affiliate organizations and companies for the contest period they are published. Total newsletter subscribers can be found by requesting this information in writing from our Brick and Mortar location, we also publish newsletter trends and previous subscriber levels on

The following contains the specific rules, requirements of winners and the overall selection process of contestant winners. These rules, requirements and procedures are subject to change upon company approval and may be changed at a moments’ notice for any company approved reason. Any changes made will always be emailed to all stakeholders as soon as possible or at a minimum 48 hours before the next business day the changes could affect the company stakeholders. Furthermore, no change is considered official unless it has been posted to the BNE Publishing website and has been officially authorized, approved and documented with the signatures of the presenter (person who wishes to make the change) a witness (the witness must indicate if they are supporting the change and must sign at the time the documentation of the change is notarized) a supervisor from both of the employees supervisors (or just one if the both have the same person), or in the case of the Officers, the signature of a supporting officer and a supporting employee, and finally any change must be emailed and reviewed to all staff members before it can take effect. Therefore no change to the rules is possible unless all of the staff members (not including the Board of Directors) have returned a read response from the email stating the change. This does not include discharged employees. If any employee disagrees with the new rule they are to email the CEO or CFO and they will determine the most appropriate course of action. Company Officers may veto any rule change or proceed with any rule change as long as the rule has the required signatures listed above. While an attempt will be made to notify all stakeholders of the rule change, in the absence of this possibility company stake holders should refer to the BNE Publishing website for a complete listing of Contest Rules.

The Rules:

  1. All forms of art are accepted.
  2. Most legal forms of art content will be accepted.
  3. We cannot accept any art in which the artist is clearly and knowingly breaking Federal Laws of the United States that are not considered a misdemeanor or decriminalized offense in any of the countries 50 states. This rule is to apply from submissions from any country. Therefore a person may submit art that depicts LGBT values if this person lives in a place where these values may be discriminated against or considered illegal.
  4. All art submitted will be reviewed.
  5. The review process should take no more than 45 days, all artist should receive an email to the address provided if the artwork they have submitted has been reviewed, when it has been reviewed.
  6. All contest winners will be notified on the same day that they have won.
  7. Contestants will all be notified that they have won at the same day, however they will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that they will not publically discuss the contest results until the release of the newsletter they will be published in.
  8. Contest winners are listed only in the Newsletter they are published in, this is because winners become a part of the BNE Publishing as a partner so once they become a winner they are actually becoming this months’ newsletter author, painter, sculptor, disk jockey, programmer… and are listed as such on the newsletter credits.
  9. All contest submissions must accompany an electronic payment transfer between the company BNE Publishing and the contestant to be considered valid, if this transaction for any reason is invalidated due to any reason the contest submission will be considered invalid until the electronic payment transaction is completed.
  10. All contest submissions must contain art to win.
  11. Contest submission fees are used to review the art submitted and to graphically format the art into the newsletter. All contest fees can be waived, and any eligible participant may enter to win the contest, provided they send the art to our Brick and Mortar address with a signature required and email to BNE the tracking for this package so it does not get rejected or missed. Additionally, the submission must be received before the time of the contest listed in the paperwork has expired. Additionally, contest fees can only be waived for those BNE is legally required to waive fees for.
  12. All submissions to BNE through mail will be reviewed after all electronic submissions for the current contest have been reviewed.
  13. All mailed submissions should receive a response back at the time they are reviewed.
  14. Contest submissions through mail without a paid receipt will only be entered into the contest if BNE is legally required to.
  15. BNE Publishing and/or affiliated Brands may at time offer promotions that reduce or eliminate contest entry fees.
  16. Duplicate contest entries will disqualify any contestant at the same address, internet protocols or with the same user credentials for receiving any royalties for their art if it is published.
  17. Duplicate contest entries with separate addresses, internet protocols or with separate user credentials will be considered plagiarism and will be investigated as such.
  18. BNE Publishing does not attempt to publishing a piece of artwork that has been published and if such an action does occur BNE will immediately retract the art in all its forms suspend the account of the user who committed the plagiarism, alert the authorities and begin proceedings to recover any assets that are required by the afflicted parties.
  19. BNE will make every effort to review contest winners to make sure plagiarism has not occurred and every contestant must adhere that the artwork they are submitting is in fact theirs and is not currently bound by any licensing agreements that would otherwise limit BNE from publishing the work. For those in the charge of minors or who are legal guardians in some other manner, they must attest that they are in fact a legal representative of the contestant and list their complete contact information, they must also agree that they will take full legal responsibility if the work is found to be plagiarized, including any legal, punitive or settlement fees that may occur as a result.
  20. Contest winners will receive:
  21. Newsletter Publication
  22. Approximately $0.05 in royalties for each newsletter they are published in that is sold (or 2.5% of total newsletter proceeds) whichever is the lesser amount.
  23. The ability to be published and promoted on
  24. The opportunity to be selected as a Featured Artist.
  25. Any monies a contestant has won will be transferred to them through any options available to BNE, the contestant will have the ability to select whether they would rather receive the funds through a mailed check or electronic transfer. These funds will be paid in accordance with BNE’s financial practices, and therefore will be timed for release as the officers of BNE see fit not to exceed 1 year from the point a contestant has been published. BNE may or may not pay contestants for back issue royalties, depending on the relationship BNE has developed with the artist and the amount of Back Order Issues being sold. If at any point the Back Order issues are distributed for no cost, or are sold as promotional discount add on products to other products for no additional value no royalties will be paid for those issues distributed. Any contestant who is no longer affiliated with BNE is not eligible for Back Order royalties.
  26. The Contest may occasionally have a theme, prompt or question to help encourage the art, even so all art forms and most content will be accepted and considered for publication.
  27. Contest entry periods may be cut if a high volume of contestants have entered at one time, however in such a case, BNE will make every effort to allow for additional entries and any contest entry that cannot be reviewed for the current contest will be queued to be reviewed during the following publication.
  28. Contest entry fees may rise in an effort to limit contest entries, however every effort will be made to keep fees low.
  29. Anytime a contestant cannot afford to pay the contest entry fee, they are encouraged to apply for a BNE contest fee waiver petition. This can be done by completing the requirements online. BNE will allow for as many fee waiver petitions as the company can afford to review and based on the contestants need as cited in the petition.
  30. Contestants who have had their fee waived will not have any benefit or preference over other contestants. —At times BNE may choose to highlight and publish a specific person based on their current situation or need and if this is done it will be at the expense of BNE and will allow for an additional spot in the publication to allow for this and not change the total benefit contest winners receive.
  31. Contestant’s artwork cannot be altered by the artist for publication, but BNE may alter the art to make it appropriate and fitting for the publication in the way of formatting or reducing. If this is done BNE will allow the artist to proof these changes before publication. If the artist cannot accept the formatting changes their art may not be able to be submitted.
  32. If BNE finds a contestants artwork cannot be published for any reason, the contest submission will be considered void and the contest fees may upon the discretion of BNE be returned to the contestant, if the contestant has already won they will need to submit a new piece of artwork or make the current art ready for publication before BNE will allow the contestant to receive any of the benefits contest winners typically receive. This contestant would still be required not to disclose they are a winner until they are published by BNE or risk losing any royalties offered to the contestant by BNE.
  33. Contestants must complete a demographic background form, reply to a confirmation email, and have payment information that matches the artist or legal representative of the artist to be considered for publication.
  34. Contestants winners will need to communicate with representatives of BNE and BNE may require additional identity verification forms or documents before they are awarded with a BNE contest winner contract.



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