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BNE Publishing’s Brick and Mortar Location, Needed Improvements and Green Initiatives



BNE is currently located in Coventry Connecticut at 3050 Main Street in The Pond Hill School House. This building was built in 1748 and is a part of American History, in fact George Washington is known to have had breakfast at a home that had been located very near to this property on what is now known as Route 44. The Schoolhouse itself is 1800 square feet with storage space available near the rafters. It is currently a two room floor plan with a bathroom attached and running power and water. There is the main room that is probably about 1500 square feet and a 10×30 foot entry hall. There is enough space around the premises of the school house itself to park at least 10 vehicles, but there is more parking adjacent to the property (for maybe 10-15 more cars at least) that we could use if necessary. There is also a garage capable of housing 3 cars attached to the main house. For larger events there is a church next door that has a large parking lot that could fit 20 more cars and I am sure we could use their space if it was available and we provided proper assurances and incentives for them to allow us to do so.


The Pond Hill School House is conveniently centered by about 20 minutes between the bustling Storrs center with nearly 100,000 students between ECSU and UCONN and the busy capitol of Connecticut, Hartford. This is a great location for artists with many studios, an art guild and many residents and students from the area who are art enthusiasts or scholars.


Currently the schoolhouse needs some major repair work to house employees: The roof must be replaced, some of the rafters need to be supported, the floor needs to be repaired and the foundation, while sturdy may need some improvements. Once this structural work is done, the interior can be laid out with desks, shelving, filing cabinets, computers, projectors and for sale products. As well as any large machines to be used to create in-house productions and web to print designs. We will also need to build a sign and install large outdoor lights and laydown stone or asphalt for a driveway, some of these improvements can be made after the company is running and has hired employees.


The good news is the building itself is fully secured and can be used by the company in anyway it sees fit. Additionally, this building is a part of American history and BNE will be working to improve and restore this historic piece of art. Beyond this BNE also operates in as green a way as possible. Our power is mostly provided for by solar panels, with a goal of getting our power 100% from solar. We use 90% led light bulbs and 90% energy efficient products.  We recycle our paper and most plastic waste and source our materials from environmentally safe and friendly suppliers whenever possible. We use local suppliers and vendors for most all building needs. Furthermore, BNE will allow artists to use the Schoolhouse, grounds, or other structures aside from the main house to create art and use as office space if the area is considered to be safe and allowed for access by employees.


As BNE continues to grow money will be put toward improving the School House in lieu of rent and other outlined expenses for the actual housing of the BNE brick and mortar location. This can be done due to a specific agreement the Officers of BNE have reached with certain interested parties who currently own a stake in BNE and have a vast amount of property they are willing to allow the company to operate on. The current agreement allowing BNE to operate may change from time to time and eventually BNE may be required to pay rent to operate at the School House Location. If the agreement BNE has regarding its Brick and Mortar location does change it will be clearly visible in the shareholders’ report and available to review upon request of any shareholder as documented in the company Bylaws.

BNE Publishing’s Brick and Mortar Location, Needed Improvements and Green Initiatives

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