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BNE Publishing’s Charitable and Public Benefit Goals – The True Corporate American Dream

BNE Was created with a clear purpose in mind, that being to benefit artists. Art, however, is created by almost every single person on earth. Art is a part of us and without art there would be very little in existence today. Beyond that art is something that is often hard to create, display, publicize, sell and even buy or view. The reasons for this are sometimes because of the way most corporations currently work and how supply and demand models are generated, but a lot of this problem is because those who create art are suffering. There are too many struggles in the world today for many of the artist that exist to be able to properly use their talents.


There are many reasons for this and many papers written on poverty as well as class and culture warfare and it is a big problem in society. This problem is so big, it is preventing people from having the time, money and now with the new housing epidemic, room for new and unique art. And because of all of these other issues the people who do have time to enjoy using their time for discovery of the arts and culture are far fewer. Of course there are many other things these people cannot enjoy or contribute to as well.

As it is an epidemic in society that many classes, cultures, groups, orientations and ethnicities are somehow harmed by the rest of the society and there are often very few or not enough solutions to help these groups, BNE will seek to find other organizations that do help these groups and attempt to provide them with organizational and financial support as is allotted to be done by the CEO, CFO and/or the Board of Directors.

While BNE will not expect financial or material gain from these endeavors, this will be a way for BNE to interact with the community it is involved with, learn about the local social issues affecting the stakeholders of BNE and improve the society and environment BNE exists in to the general benefit of the entire community. These actions should in turn help improve other specific town factors over a period of time, such as overall traffic entering the town and residents, new construction and home sales. As the town BNE exists in improves and expands so does the value of the overall market share BNE has to call on, additionally the art BNE has to select from would generally be expected to be vaster. Furthermore, one business providing a public benefit is known to cause other businesses to do so which improve the overall town tax revenues by reducing costs for services and improving the overall revenue generated by the town through increased populations. This would not only serve to increase revenue streams by adding to customer pools, but also lower taxes as the town would need less of a percentage of tax to provide the same or less services using an overall greater revenue pool. Having additional benefit programs in place that are being funded also allow the towns or organizations they are in to be eligible for additional state and federal grant opportunities, which can cause a major impact on public good when all put together. Each of these benefits also tends to have the effect of increasing property values because the town becomes more attractive and more people want to move there.

At we BNE want to contribute to society, because it is the right thing to do. It’s clear that companies that do operate with a public benefic aspect tend to be the largest and most effective organizations that exist to that end we want to be able to help these organizations achieve their goals while we at BNE achieve ours. Because of BNE’s dedication to the arts and public giving, each year BNE will contribute 50% of its profits back to the local communities and non-profit and/or benefits corporations that BNE works with. BNE gives its support in the hopes of creating a community where everyone is accepted equally, poverty is eliminated and the highest standards of education are provided for free as a right to all.


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